The WILD BAT - an absolute innovation

One evening last summer, STICKY WICKY creator Peter Dodds was watching the Big Bash.  The Sydney Thunder were playing and Osman Khwaja was at the crease.  To the untrained eye, Pete was not doing much - simply chillaxing like many Australians in January.  But to those who know him best, it won't come as a surprise that suddenly his rocking chair stopped rocking.  He had a crackin' idea...


Khwaja was using a bat that was an unusual shape.  Pete thought it looked a bit like a shark - if only it was blue - if only it had a fin and if only it had some eyes.  Quickly we got the play dough out, some textas and glue.  It wasn't long before the WILD BAT was born.

The idea grew swiftly and enthusiastically.  How clever to take the stock standard plastic backyard cricket bat and morph it into a creature with attitude.  The SHARK led us to a CROC and the TIGER - all powerful, fierce and wild.  


As with all of our STICKY WICKY products, WILD BATs promote good fun and good practice.   Guaranteed to turn heads this summer and at $24.99, we think they might just be irresistible.  

We can't sell a secret and so ask you to please share.  Summer is coming.  Be wild.  Play cricket.  



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  • Dave - December 04, 2016

    They are GREAT. The kids have one each and love having their own special bat….

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