Intellectual Property


Innovation is our lifeblood. Consequently, Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd takes its intellectual property seriously. Sticky Wicky products may be the subject of patents and patents pending: AU 2009101301, AU 2010330677, UK 1211444.3, US 14/713,262, IN 527/DELNP/2012, CA 2,783,322 and ZA 2012/05104, and other intellectual property rights such as designs, trade marks and copyright.

Trade Marks

We value our brand and own registered and unregistered rights in the trade marks STICKY WICKY®; IF IT STICKS, YOU’RE OUT!™; WILD BAT™; STICKY STUMPS™; STICKY BALLS™; and MAGIC MITT® (collectively, the STICKY WICKY® Trade Marks).  

Trade mark rights may be acquired through use of a trade mark, and it is not necessary to register a trade mark to acquire rights. Our trade marks are intellectual property, with value both to Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd and to its customers.  

A trade mark can be a word, symbol, label, aspect of packaging or any other identifier of the source of Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd’s STICKY WICKY® game and sporting articles such as MAGIC MITT® or WILD BAT™.

Third parties may only use the STICKY WICKY® Trade Marks in connection with our genuine STICKY WICKY® branded game and sporting articles, and in a manner which correctly indicates our trade mark rights.

Our trade mark rights may be infringed by use of a trade mark which is substantially identical to or deceptively similar to our trade marks (including but not limited to STICKY WICKY, IF IT STICKS, YOU’RE OUT!, MAGIC MITT, WILD BAT, STICKY STUMPS and so on), whether the mark be used for sporting goods, games or other goods or services. Trade mark law considers all websites to be services and a domain name or social media account name may also infringe a trade mark.

Inconsistent use of a trade mark may dilute our rights and value in our marks. For information on acceptable usage of our trade marks, please contact Sticky Wicky Pty Ltd (see below for contact details).


Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd owns copyright in all of its printed and electronic materials, literary and artistic works (which includes its labels, logos, backstop and bat designs, and other components of its bat-and- ball games). All of the information, content and products displayed on, transmitted through or used in connection with this site are the property of Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd and are protected by copyright, trade mark, patent and other laws. This content cannot be modified, reproduced, retransmitted, distributed, disseminated, sold, published, communicated or circulated without the written permission of Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd.


Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd owns copyright and/or design rights in its backstop and bat designs, and other components of its bat-and- ball games.

Questions about intellectual property?

Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd takes protection of its intellectual property seriously.  If you have any questions about our intellectual property, want permission to use Sticky Wicky Pty Ltd’s intellectual property or become aware of any improper use of Sticky Wicky ® Pty Ltd's intellectual property, please contact:

Sticky Wicky® Pty Ltd
PO Box 2154 Boronia Park NSW 2111
Phone: 61 2 9750 0641